Curiouser and curiouser! Welcome to a garden tea party with the fabulous Chantal Brocca, Omar Sharif Jr. and Gucci, naturally. Photographed for The Mother Earth Issue of Sorbet, the Alice In Wonderland-inspired shoot is bursting with blooms, macaroons and Ouverture bags to follow down the rabbit hole. Now, how about a nice cup of tea?


Creative Concept: Studio Sorbet | Photographer: Abdulla Elmaz |Creative Direction, Styling: William Buckley | Production Coordinator: Jenna Calvert | Floral Artist: Chloe Szukilojc, Fine Blooms | Set Design: Benn Robinson | Props: Natasha Fownes, La Brocante | Makeup: Athina Doutis | Hair: Dani Hiswani | Talent: Omar Sharif Jr., Chantal Brocca | Fashion: Gucci |City: Dubai