Tiffany is not just a cool address for early morning window-shopping and a croissant. This Christmas, the American giant has concocted a series of incredible holiday presents to gift yourself and gift away. From a custom-made Tiffany blue motorcycle to an actual Aga cooker and exquisite jewels (including pieces from mainstay collections such as the annual Blue Box High Jewelry range), there’s loads and there’s shiny and we have favorites. First on our list: the Save the Wild collection’s three-dimensional brooches, pendants, and desk accessories. Since 2007, the American giant has been striving to protect endangered wildlife across the world, with all of the line’s proceeds going to the Wildlife Conservation Network. Elephants, rhinos and lions come as an eclectic squadron, some encrusted with diamonds. Next? A delightful heart-shaped brooch from the 2019 Blue Box collection. Which one will you pick? Us, we’ll have both of them. Happiness is the same price as blue boxes.