Welcome to a new decade! Sorbet’s astrology of 2020 is here to help the entire zodiac redefine ideas and practices around mastery of the self, ambition, and belonging to ourselves and a community. Happy-go-lucky Jupiter entered Capricorn on 3 December 2019, where it’ll stay until December 2020. This spring, taskmaster Saturn enters Aquarius for the next two-and-half-years, motivating the zodiac to take it to the streets, align with activist values, and find more meaningful platonic connection. You’ll read where Jupiter can provide abundance and blessings and where Saturn will help you focus your work next to your sun sign here..


Your name’s in lights, Aries! Based on how much elbow grease you’ve applied this year on career,we predict positive progress, recognition, and affirmation will be yours. Jupiter in Capricorn is working to manifest your long-term career goals, especially if they allow you to present your leadership skills. Saturn enters Aquarius this spring and gives your closest friendships an extreme makeover. You’ll know how to be the most loyal friend you can possibly be because you love to cheerlead your loved ones. You’ll also identify which friends are your ride-or- dies, and which have served their seasonal purpose #byebitch.


Bon voyage, Bull! I hope your passport is current because 2020 is sending you off to far corners of the international and academic worlds. Jupiter in Capricorn packs your bags and dusts off your graduation cap, so you can expand your horizons in meaningful ways. You’ll be more curious and more passionate to explore the wild unknowns. Your career will take a drastically new shape, starting this spring, when Saturn enters Aquarius. You’ll begin to realize that it’s not just key performance indicators that promote your professional success – it’s the quality of your relational intelligence. So maximize and mutualize your connections.


You can reframe ‘intimacy’ as ‘into-me-see’. Jupiter in Capricorn inspires you to take off the armor, perfectionism, and performance to let your loved ones see the realest, messiest, but most beautifully human parts of you. You’re no longer satiated with fun, lighthearted romances. You want the realest deal. When Saturn enters Aquarius this spring, you’ll want to restructure your long- term, big-picture vision and get your head out of the weeds through a higher-education opportunity of more travel. You can live from circumstances just fine, but you’re looking to live from an optimistic, adventurous vision in the new decade.


Happy homecoming, Libra! You’ve got family of origin, emotional safety, and ‘home’ on your heart. You’re looking for the people and the places that keep your tender heart secure. Jupiter in Capricorn helps uplift these efforts as you focus on why structure, integrity, and discipline protect you and your closest relationships. When Saturn enters your Aquarius-ruled creativity sector this spring, you’ll be taking responsible steps towards removing the barriers you have to creativity, such as perfectionism, comparison, and scarcity. You’ll choose more life-sustaining values such as worthiness, authenticity, and freedom, so you engage with joy more fully.


Use your words, Scorpio! You’re already fluent in the nonverbal roles of body language, energies, and cues. In order to grow, you’ll have to expand your fluency in the spoken word. Jupiter in Capricorn helps you find even more integrity in your cognition, conversation, and active listening. You’ll put the ‘commune’ in communication, baby! This spring, you’ll start to reimagine what home and family means to you when Saturn enters Aquarius. If it’s time for a move or a clean-up conversation with family, you’ll do it. You deserve emotional safety so take those steps towards finding the people and places that give it to you.


Make it rain, Sagittarius! You’re looking for fail-safe ways to increase your financial freedom. You’d like to have your money work for you and not the other way around. Jupiter enters your Capricorn-ruled income- and-value sector, helping you secure long- term plans for wealth. You’ll want to make sure your money goes in the direction of what you value for added fulfilment. Saturn enters your Aquarius-ruled communication sector, helping you self-educate on how to find the right words at the right time. Lead conversations, from parallel monologues to interfacing dialogue, through more questions and curiosity between speaker and listener.


Ready for romance, Cancer? You’re looking for love and feeling more capable than ever to do the work in romantic connections. Jupiter in Capricorn adds success to your love stories so long as you stay emotionally regulated. Maintain transcendence over victimhood and hold on to your emotional regulation skills. Saturn enters your Aquarius- ruled intimacy sector, helping you take off the crab shell and let your romantic partners see the deepest, most vulnerable dimensions of you. You’ll also be willing to hold space for the imperfections of your partners too, so you can help one another heal.


Doctor’s orders, Leo! You’re feeling more inspired and motivated to get in tip-top shape, from your physical health to your spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness. Jupiter in Capricorn is helping you fortify your health and the positive outcomes of a disciplined routine. Your life works when you work at making your life work, so work it, baby, you’re worth it! Saturn enters your Aquarius-governed romance sector this spring, helping you transfer some of that work ethic from the personal to the relational. You’ll be working on your compromise skills along with restructuring your ideological relationship with relationships, so the right ideas inform the right choices.


Have courage, Virgo! You’re feeling more ready than ever to show a creative skill, passion project, and even express the original definition of courage: telling the story of your heart. Jupiter in Capricorn helps you find your authenticity and worthiness to be braver, more authentic, and emotionally exposed. You’ll feel more grounded in this effort when Saturn enters your Aquarius-ruled health, wellness, and routine sector. You’ll apply even more hard work on your personal development. So you’ll be both tethered to the ground with your embodiment, transformation practices and adventurously daring to approach exciting horizons this decade.


It’s a golden year, Capricorn! Lucky Jupiter stays in your sign all year for the first time in eleven-and-a-half years. Showcase the best of the Sea Goat, like your empathy, ambition, reliability, and integrity. You’ll have the Midas touch as you keep it authentic and follow what feels deeply true to your heart’s desires. Saturn leaves your sign – sweet relief! – and enters Aquarius to help you discover innovative routes to wealth. Consider your million-dollar ideas and take steps to fortify them not only for passive income but for other out-of-the-blue opportunities you couldn’t possibly predict. Be brave, be optimistic, and pursue your dreams as if failure is impossible.


It’s time to surrender attachment to results, Aquarius. You’re ready to ‘let go’, find quietude in completion over resignation, and learn new ways to find peace. Jupiter enters your Capricorn-ruled spirituality zone. Allow this year to help you find the spiritual path that helps you bolster the strength for the closure you need. Saturn enters your sign this spring, which helps you restructure the foundation of your life. What values and visions inform your choices? You’ll be searching for the most responsible, accountable, and reliable convictions that help your brilliant ideas take shape. Take those small, brave steps towards self-mastery and you’ll be rewarded.


Friendship’s your new religion, Pisces. You’re looking to expand the ways your emotional, mental, and spiritual needs are met through a robust community of friends you adore. Jupiter in Capricorn helps you find the people who are on the same mission as you, looking to manifest the same causes. Align with others whose values alchemize yours. Then closure becomes a gift you gift to yourself when Saturn enters your Aquarius-ruled completion zone this spring. You’ll be tasked with dropping all dysfunctional habits you engage with that don’t serve your highest and brightest self. The more you take radical responsibility, the more fullness you’ll have.