It is true, the noble art of etiquette is seen by some as old hat, old fashioned, or indeed, a lost art form, perceived as no longer modern. It is with some irony, then, that in this newest age of COVID-19, etiquette is as important now as it ever was.

At its heart, etiquette is simply the protocol one ought to follow to show respect and thoughtfulness to fellow humans. When you strip etiquette down to its most basic elements, it is simply about being kind and considerate to all people, and what’s more, to all living things around oneself. Once a marker of good breeding, etiquette is now much more about manners – one must always strive to maintain, under scrutiny or besides, the most impeccable manners.

With the current global pandemic, etiquette is affected in almost every way, from the virtual calls we must make for work, to the way we communicate day-to-day, particularly when faced with that one big question: how should one greet others, given the sudden and swift sully of the once-noble handshake?

As time passes, some of these new rules may stick, while many will revert to the way they were before this most unwelcome visitor impacted our lives as we knew them. For the time being, though, it will behoove you to observe the following decorums