Q: How would you describe your art?

A: I am a pioneer. There is not a genre for my art, so I call it Post Pop or Social Art.

Q: How did it start?

A: It started when social media was invented in the mid-Noughties. I saw how technology, namely the camera phone, was changing society by turning its gaze upon us. Noticing how celebrity could transcend media formats, I decided to create my own celebrity as a vehicle to connect and reflect on our brave new world.

Q: Can you describe your process?

A: I use Pandemonia as a conduit to show my work through – I use Pandemonia as a conduit through which to show my work – I make paintings, sculptures, and fashion items, which she exhibits. Pandemonia herself is a three-dimensional drawing. I start with drawings, turning them into patterns that I glue together to create Pandemonia. I perform Pandemonia by both dropping in on the celebrity circuit and by exhibiting my sculptures and paintings at art shows. She gets constantly documented by the public and press wherever she goes.

Q: Why do you do it?

A: I want to express myself, break down walls and live! Yet my inspirations on the surface are fairly traditional artistic subject matter – beauty, the female form. I am also interested in philosophical questions of who we are, and how technology is changing our sense of self. I’ve recently come back from Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Paris Fashion Week show. Being platformed by him on his last couture show has to be a good reason [to do what I do]. He came to London and asked me to design, make, and walk one of my creations for his show! It was an amazing experience to work with him. I would l like to do an accessories line so everyone can experience a bit of Pandemonia for themselves.

Q: What makes you most happy, and why?

A: Realizing my vision! Last week I was in Los Angeles , where I saw my two- metre-square chandeliers and tulips exhibited at the Magic Of Persia Art Auction. Seeing one’s ideas come to life is, for me, the most exciting thing.