Speed and sustainability combine for Maserati’s latest set of wheels, the Levante Hybrid SUV.

If Sorbet created an Instagram bio for Maserati’s new model, it would read something like this: She’s electric, she’s in a family full of eccentric [cars], she’s done things I’ve never expected…and she’s got a sister! While the lyrics belong to rock band Oasis, they are surprisingly fitting for the Levante Hybrid SUV, even if a little rugged for Italian luxury. The new vehicle marks the second phase in Maserati’s electrification plan, following the manufacturer’s first electrified model, the Ghibli Hybrid (aforementioned big sister). Pitched as “faster, greener, and more unique,” the Levante Hybrid promises great performance with less fuel consumption, the same finesse that you’d expect with a supercar, and a few unexpected surprises to test out on the road. So, we went to sun-soaked Saint Tropez to take this fine-tuned, supersonic carriage for a spin.

“The Location “

Picture the Levante Hybrid cruising through the Cote D’Azur, gliding through the hair-raising, razor-sharp routes as if it were made for them. It might be Italian at heart, but the all-terrain vehicle feels at home in the South of France; it’s lavish and luxurious, just like the surroundings. We opted for the Fuoriserie Bicolor; a bold yellow and blue model that’s impossible to miss as it moves majestically through the lush greenery of Provence.

“The Car “

Let’s get into the technicalities: This mild hybrid combines the four-cylinder, two-liter engine with a 48-volt hybrid system that recovers energy during deceleration and braking. It delivers the smooth response of a 6-cylinder engine with the low-RPM responsiveness of a diesel, all combined with a reduction in CO2 emissions. It’s fun to drive and it still has that unmistakable Maserati roar. Shiny new logos, chromed front grilles and boomerang design light clusters add an extra dose of pizzazz to the exterior, while the interiors are slick and technologically savvy, with an eight-speaker sound-system, Alexa, and instant traffic updates courtesy of Maserati Connect.

“The Experience “

Ever so in tune with the unstoppable nature of this issue, the Levante Hybrid is fast, fancy, and future-focused, as Provence proved – the perfect place
to discover such innovation. While the journey was short and sweet, the electrification strategy certainly has more longevity. She is electric, can I be electric too?