Wondering how to punch up your bling this summer? Mix some Swiss watchmaking know-how with a hefty dose of French Couture craftsmanship, and wrap it up in neat packaging with an elegant CD stamp. Yep, that’s right, there is never a dull moment at the Dior jewelry offices, and the French Maison is launching two one-of-a-kind timepieces this season. First up, La D de Dior Satine, a vision in silver, petite yet flush with French refinement, the watch feels light, yet looks heavily luxurious with its mother- of-pearl dial, diamond-encrusted case, and ‘satin ribbon’ Milanese mesh bracelet. Or, for your future evenings’ black-tie affairs, swap the Satine with the Dior Grand Bal watch and make your grand entrance. Inspired by the masked ball traditions of the ‘50s and the razzle-dazzle that implies, the watch is a functioning dancing mask, crafted with extreme minutiae and adorned with delightfully placed precious stones. Swirling to the beat of time, the watch comes in a series of eleven designs, each featuring their own waltz of delightful hues. There’s no-one stopping you from turning your summer into a celebration.