Greek god Hermes was believed to lead and protect travelers as the patron of roads. In the same spirit, French leather house Hermès is keeping tabs on its Olympian homonym with an object created to cater to the modern wanderer: the Lanterne d’Hermès. Both a luxurious, covetable treasure and utterly practical home furnishing, the accessory was imagined and designed by French conceptual artist Yann Kersalé whose work with lights can be admired all around the world, from the Sony Center in Berlin to the ceilings of the Louvre Abu Dhabi and Opera Nouvel in Lyon, France, both in collaboration with architect Jean Nouvel. Inspired by lighthouses and the nautical world, the red lantern is an elegant four-in-one lamp, comprising four detachable light sources wrapped in water-resistant leather and assembled to form one scintillating piece of luxury. Battery-powered with an eight- hour life, it’s the décor-slash-art proposal that gets you out of the common vernacular and into the world of Hermès. What you do and where you go with it is up to you.