Protect the bees. We discussed the power and importance of our buzzy besties two issues ago, when featuring the first bee influencer, ‘B’. Symbolizing brightness and personal power, the bee and its delicate honeycomb have been forever cherished and adopted by French jeweler Chaumet. First created by the Parisian Maison’s founder, Marie-Étienne Nitot, for Napoleon I and his wife, Empress Joséphine, the bee-inspired motif has long been a House favorite. Reinterpreted over the years in iterations such as bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces, and available variously in pink, yellow, and white gold (and often adorned with preciously-placed diamonds), the collectible and stackable jewels are the versatile final touch to a perfect look. Did we mention that the collection includes an engagement ring that will make anyone scream ‘Oui!’? The buzz is real.