Tell us what jewelry you wear, we’ll tell you which screen diva you are. Italian jeweler Bvlgari has dressed some of the most fascinating Hollywood screen sirens and Italian glamour queens, from Elizabeth Taylor and Ingrid Bergman to Monica Vitti and Sophia Loren. And you’re next. The Divas’ Dream collection and its recognizable fan motif is the Roman Maison’s homage to its cherished muses’ legacy, merging the aesthetics of one of the Eternal City’s architectural marvels, the Baths of Caracalla, with the very craftsmanship and signature femininity that defines the brand. With these new additions to the collection, the iconic shape shines brighter than ever. Delicate and sophisticated, opaque stones and precious gems adorn necklaces and earring parures, with fans each flaunting a singular color, and all set with a series of pavé diamonds. The one that caught our eye? An everyday carnelian pendant placed on fine rose gold. Hundreds of years of Roman heritage, re-interpreted by the Maison, hoping to find their way to your jewelry boxes just in time for the festive season.