Q: How would you describe your work?

A: Deconstruction of the obvious.

Q: How did it start?

A: My first real job was as an Art director at a huge international sports retailer. Realizing that an office job is just not my vibe, I went back to my passion – storytelling and moving image. I worked in Japan, doing mostly advertising and music-related stuff, then made a move to Hong Kong and decided it was time to focus more on my own process. I found a good way of showcasing short and concise ideas though social medi, and from there I was able to reach the kind of people I really want to collaborate with.

Q: Describe your process?

A: It’s mostly a staring contest. There are times I start completely without any kind of premise or concept and just stare at images. Usually the ideas are hidden in there somewhere...just have to dig them out. That’s how you discover new things. New techniques you can later use for something. Doing brain gymnastics. It’s always about adding different layers- satire, humour, textures and bending the rules. Just when I feel I’m close to something digestible, I might add something totally unexpected or just plain ridiculous. Cherry on the cake. I care a lot about execution. So apart from the more artistic part of the process, I spend a good amount of my time polishing and making sure it’s done up nicely. Everybody knows the difference between a three- and a four-star hotel. But thefive- star hotel is all about the details. You get the extra nice soap and shit.

Q: Why do you do it?

A: I’m not really the type to always be quiet. I have to make some kind of noise somehow. I really enjoy infiltrating certain established worlds and creating something disruptive in there. It’s fun. I have some kind of allergy for the obvious, too, so I need to express that.

Q: What makes you most happy, and why?

A: Working. And apart from that just chilling on the couch with a special someone. Knowing my dad and my sister are doing alright. Street beers in Tokyo. Reunions with old friends. Tax free zone at the airport. Friday night. Just random life stuff.