Q: How would you describe your work?

A: My work is a monstrous hybrid of human, fairy, and skinned wolf on a frozen lake. My work also is a human transmuting into rock, moss sprouting on their face. And my work may be a camp hybrid of a moth and a gorilla. It is basically a bunch of fantastical creatures living their lives in their natural habitats bringing queerness back to where it all started: nature.is something I recently started to incorporate into my creative process.way I express myself is a way of sort of hiding or changing my identity. I find for me it’s actually the opposite – it’s the accumulation and visual explosion of things that I’m currently thinking about.

Q: How did it start?

A: It unconsciously started in my childhood where fantasy and science-fiction were all around me. For example, I played Dungeons & Dragons all my life. On every family holiday, I would live through the same character, a human rogue called ‘Rounga’. The young Florent also played loads of video games (maybe a bit too much), such as World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and League of Legends. I love these games because weirdness and fantasy is the norm, what refreshment is this!

Q: Can you describe your process?

A: I’ll first go into my studio, start making anything, whether it is a costume, a mask or a prosthetic. From there, an idea will emerge, morph, and evolve into a full-blown creature. Once the creature is fully birthed, I will start embodying it, discovering how it moves, where it lives and what it feels. Then, I go on adventures in the wilderness with my best friend, Mona-Lisa, to find its natural habitat, in which pictures will be captured.

Q: What’s been your favorite moment so far?

A: My favourite moment so far was last winter in a community, up in the mountains, called Schweibenalp, in Switzerland. I brought so many creatures there, which could not wait to come alive in the wild, because it is where they truly belong. The process of photographing these pictures with Mona was so moving because that was the moment I could fully realise the characters and unleash their fantastical realness.

Q: What makes you most happy, and why?

A: Deep down I know I am a hippy. What makes me the happiest is running around in the sun naked with a bunch of people by a lake; sounding, cuddling, bathing and dancing together–feeling part of a community.