The red-headed cabin-crew beauty, dubbed ‘Deltalina’ after her 2008 flight safety information video became a sensation, gives us her tips for more dreamy red-eye flights. 


Be sure to start hydrating with a lot of water a day or two before your trip. Flying is very dehydrating – the air at high altitudes is much drier than on the ground, so you’re inhaling dry air and exhaling moist air. Water does a body good, especially when you fly 

Neck Care

Invest in a great neck pillow. I’m not talking about the cheap low-up versions or terribly big foam types. The new and improved versions that hold your head in perfect position while you sleep are brilliant! They are worth their weight in gold if you aren’t sitting in a seat with great recline and haven’t managed to procure a few extra pillows. 

Ear Plugs

Noise-cancelling headsets or a great pair of ear plugs are essential on re-eye flights. Nobody wants to listen to the random slamming of bins or a loud talker for hours on end. 


Be sure to grab a bite to eat before the flight. You wouldn’t wake up at 11pm and have a full dinner, so don’t eat one of the red eye. The goal is to try and mimic what you would actually be doing at night – sleeping!


Be sure to travel in some cosy attire. Staying comfortable during the flight will help you relax and get some rest. And always bring a packable jacket. If it ever gets chilly, it’s the perfect thing to keep you warm. It can also double as a small blanket or even a pillow, in a pinch. 

Face Care

Believe it or not, a hydrating facial spray will really help you feel like your best self when you land. Give yourself a generous spray before you tuck in to sleep. Then reapply anytime you are up. Your face will thank you. 

Lip Balm

The unsung hero of any flight. Be sure to give your kisser a good layer of hydrating lip balm. If your lips look like you just ate a bucket of friend chicken, you’ve applied the right amount.