On the shore of Italy’s legendary Lake Como, the French jewelry House presents its latest high jewelry collection, Sixième Sens par Cartier.

The Location

Unlike the grand villas and ancient palazzos that line the shores of Lake Como, The Hotel Il Serena opened in 2016. It was designed by contemporary Spanish architect Patricia Urquiola as a reinterpretation of the rationalism of Como’s Casa del Fascio. It is the first hotel to be built on the lake’s Alpine shores in several decades. Here, there are no frescoes or other Italianate flourishes. There are no pedimented windows and doors; no eaves, cupolas, or belvedere towers, just the arches of the old stone boathouse the hotel was built on. Patricia also designed the staff uniforms, plus the fleet of private boats that ferried guests about the largo during the unforgettable Cartier experience.

The Jewels

In the Penthouse Suite, overlooking an infinity pool that perpetuates into the lake beyond, the first of Cartier’s latest collection is displayed. Named Pixelage, the necklace is a stylized interpretation of a panther, the most iconic motif of the Maison. Part of Cartier’s artistic bestiary since 1914, a geometric setting of polished onyxes with white, orange, and yellow diamonds delineate the big cat’s coat, while three golden topazes, totaling 27.34 carats, evoke the head and haunches. The Meride necklace next, like some ancient volcanic rock formation, but in onyx and diamond. Each stone is set at a different height to those surrounding it, which, when coupled with the checkerboard design, seems to create an optical illusion of infinity; on the reverse of the piece is an exactly corresponding repeat of the front. Finally, the centerpiece of the collection – Coruscant – a diamond necklace so stunning, audible gasps were inhaled.

The Guest List

Cartier Ambassadors and Friends of the Maison were in attendance and as deeply chic as expected. Fatima Al-Banawi, Nadine Labaki, Yasmine Sabri, and Sorbet cover star Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz were all equally spellbinding. Bianca Brandolini wore a long black dress and plunging neckline, framing a Cartier necklace of emeralds and rubies. Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani sported a royal purple satin gown and a diamond tiara, and Mariacarla Boscono was breathtaking in not one, but two looks from Alaïa’s Fall 2021 runway, because why on Earth not?