Q: How would you describe your art?

A: It’s the physical manifestation of how I’m feeling inside at the time, projected on the outside of myself. A lot of people think that the way I express myself is a way of sort of hiding or changing my identity. I find for me it’s actually the opposite – it’s the accumulation and visual explosion of things that I’m currently thinking about.

Q: How did it start?

A: It started when I was in school in Chicago and started going out to clubs and experimenting with wearing more alternative fashion. In school I was creating lots of handmade clothing with crazy screen- printed patterns, and found that nightlife was a fun place to showcase the pieces. Over time my focus shifted from making strange clothing to different headpieces that I would wear out. I started seeing them as more fine-art objects and less ‘club wear’, and moved away from the club as my outlet and to the photo studio.

Q: Why do you do it?

A: I find that my current process challenges me in ways that other methods of making do not. I show a very vulnerable side of myself when creating looks that I photograph, and I find that I connect better with other people since I’ve started. I’ve always been a sort of shy and reserved person, and I feel that doing work like this really pushes me outside my comfort zone, which has generally made me a more confident and self- aware person as a result.

Q: What’s been your favorite moment so far?

A: Walking The Blonds runway. A big thing that I feature in my work is custom temporary tattoos , and The Blonds had me create temporary tattoos for their show. It was really amazing to have a part of my personal work be celebrated like that.

Q: What makes you most happy, and why?

A: Being able to express myself freely and have people actually understand and be inspired by what I do and support me, is what makes me most happy.