Q: How would you describe your art?

A: For me, my art feels very definite. It is intense and very real. It triggers an intimate and transparent side of my personality that I always project while dancing, creating or performing. My work arouses your attention, it’s provocative, it makes you uncomfortable at some points and it makes you think and question your sexuality as an Arab man. I am always searching for diversity in my art and it is something I recently started to incorporate into my creative process.way I express myself is a way of sort of hiding or changing my identity. I find for me it’s actually the opposite – it’s the accumulation and visual explosion of things that I’m currently thinking about.

Q: How did it start?

A: Thanks to my beautiful, supportive parents. It all started because of them. They saw something in me that no one else did or believed in and, they put me on that path at a very young age. At first it didn’t make much sense why I am doing this, but I did it anyway. It took me a long time to adapt to it and find my own voice in my showcase the pieces. Over time my focus shifted from making strange clothing to different headpieces that I would wear out. I started seeing them as more fine-art objects and less ‘club wear’, and moved away from the club as my outlet and to the photo studio.

Q: Describe your process.

A: Honestly, it depends. Sometimes it’s very spontaneous and fast. An idea would occur to me in an inconvenient situation. I would hold on to it, execute it with little planning and then everything just seems to fall into the right place at the right time. Other times, I enter into my own fantasy dream, usually influenced by what’s going on in my life or what I am being influenced by at the time.

Q: What’s been your favorite moment so far?

A: Being able to understand who I am as an artist, being able to share my art and be recognized for it, impacting people’s lives and inspiring them by just being my true self, and carrying my Middle Eastern culture and sharing it with the world through my art.

Q: What makes you most happy, and why?

A: The satisfaction after finishing a performance/dance class. When the plane lands in Beirut after all my work abroad. First bite of food when I’m very hungry. A good laugh with my closest friends. And last but not least, when the beat drops.