Q: How would you describe your work?

A: Using minimal effort, doing what I do the best, having fun and being a boss, showing people something that they didn’t know they needed until I made it for them.

Q: How did it start?

A: I gradually realized what I am doing right now, which is music and visual art, took the least effort from me. I’ve always been doing fashion and art stuff, though.

Q: Can you describe your process?

A: I write a song with a producer, and when I’m playing live I incorporate a MIDI controller, keyboards, etc.

Q: Why do you do it?

A: The opportunities – like opening on 100 Gecs’ tour at [Brooklyn’s] Elsewhere Space and [LA’s] Moroccan Lounge, or opening on Cashmere Cat’s tour at [NYC’s] Webster Hall. I am a very public person. And did I mention it takes the least effort from me? I can literally just be myself. I vent so much on Twitter people, sometimes even screenshoot my tweets [because they think] I would regret and delete them, but I wouldn’t. I don’t care.

Q: What are your hopes with what you do?

A: I would like as many people as possible to acknowledge the fun they didn’t know they could have until I showed them how to have it.