For many of us, summer 2020 was like none other. Sun loungers were swapped for sofas, tans for tantrums, and Lana Del Ray’s ‘Summertime Sadness’ took on a whole new meaning.  But, of course, staying inside doesn’t mean you can’t still be iconic…from Chanel’s gilded birdcage bag to Chaumet’s collectible buzzy collection – and some decadent timepieces in between – Sorbet bring you this seasons Icons. 




Modelled closely after a small ornament that still sits on Gabrielle Chanel’s desk in the apartment where she once lived – 31 rue Cambon, Paris – this gilded handbag is a treasure that well- exemplifies artistic director Virginie Viard’s 2019/20 Métiers d’art collection. Last year, discussing ideas with friend of the House, film director, Sofia Coppola, the concept of décor excited them both. “This is a return to the codes and the very first Métiers d’art show in 2002, which actually took place in the salons at 31 rue Cambon – that show was very dear to me,” said Virginie. “The models smoked cigarettes while listening to Lou Reed. It was more of an attitude than a theme.” While the antique desk ornament displays the birds inside the cage, here, they are perched at the door, free to come and go as they please.




Watches are one of the amazing ways accessories display your personality – Posh, Sporty, Baby, Scary, Ginger… okay not all of those make sense, but you get the drift. With the Santos- Dumont XL watch, said personality would be Highly Adventurous. Created by Louis Cartier in 1904 for his friend, aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, so he could check the time in-flight, the original Santos-Dumont watch was a true token of the pair’s friendship, and became the first modern wristwatch. This summer, the timepiece comes transformed, larger, and in three audacious new designs blessed with wider dials in either gold, gold and steel, or steel only. A symbol of the watchmaker’s dedication to minutiae, luxurious highlights include the synthetic spinel cabochon and the caseback engraving with a set of initials: S.D., the signature of Alberto Santos-Dumont. What this watch reads? Elegance, at its flying-wrist-finest.





Wondering how to punch up your bling this summer? Mix some Swiss watchmaking know-how with a hefty dose of French Couture craftsmanship, and wrap it up in neat packaging with an elegant CD stamp. Yep, that’s right, there is never a dull moment at the Dior jewelry offices, and the French Maison is launching two one-of-a-kind timepieces this season. First up, La D de Dior Satine, a vision in silver, petite yet flush with French refinement, the watch feels light, yet looks heavily luxurious with its mother- of-pearl dial, diamond-encrusted case, and ‘satin ribbon’ Milanese mesh bracelet. Or, for your future evenings’ black-tie affairs, swap the Satine with the Dior Grand Bal watch and make your grand entrance. Inspired by the masked ball traditions of the ‘50s and the razzle-dazzle that implies, the watch is a functioning dancing mask, crafted with extreme minutiae and adorned with delightfully placed precious stones. Swirling to the beat of time, the watch comes in a series of eleven designs, each featuring their own waltz of delightful hues. There’s no-one stopping you from turning your summer into a celebration.





Protect the bees. We discussed the power and importance of our buzzy besties two issues ago, when featuring the first bee influencer, ‘B’. Symbolizing brightness and personal power, the bee and its delicate honeycomb have been forever cherished and adopted by French jeweler Chaumet. First created by the Parisian Maison’s founder, Marie-Étienne Nitot, for Napoleon I and his wife, Empress Joséphine, the bee-inspired motif has long been a House favorite. Reinterpreted over the years in iterations such as bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces, and available variously in pink, yellow, and white gold (and often adorned with preciously-placed diamonds), the collectible and stackable jewels are the versatile final touch to a perfect look. Did we mention that the collection includes an engagement ring that will make anyone scream ‘Oui!’? The buzz is real.





Sea, sun, and decadent levels of incandescent limelight – Swiss watchmaker Piaget is releasing nine new versions of its signature Limelight Gala timepiece. Imagined around the House’s four pillars of excellence: The Art of Movement, The Art of Gold, The Art of Color, and The Art of Light, the legendary sixty-year-old design gets new sisters, each quintessentially loyal to the original creation, but bearing striking individual enhancements. From dial cases encrusted with special-cut diamonds named after the French monarch’s lovers (who commissioned the stones), and bedazzling multi-hued offerings made of more than 100 precious gems, to more simple, yet intensely vibrant pieces, the details of which were hand-crafted in the Piaget workshop, each watch is a loyal rendering of the House’s savoir-faire. With this collection, Piaget has dialled the tone up to ‘heavenly’. You read it right – this summer, high-voltage is de rigueur.