Icons are not an everyday commodity – they’re rare, precious, and extremely covetable. To be deemed iconic, they must stand the test of time. This Spring, our Icons are prized contemporary possessions, yet rooted in heritage: Chaumet’s newly re-opened 12 Place Vendôme, the jeweller’s ancestral home; Cartier’s timeless Panthère; Victoire de Castellane’s quirky Dior designs; and Valerie Messika’s playful hues. They all have one thing in common: they’re meant to last forever…




Imagine the delicate shape of Paris’ Haussmannian architecture, the harmonious lines of Japan’s monumental edifices, China’s sculptural curves, and of course, the Middle East’s decorative geometrics, all available under one roof. The address? 12 Place Vendôme, Paris, home of French jeweler Chaumet. Unveiling the new décor for the House’s freshly re-opened hôtel particulier last month, the brand celebrated its transformation with an architectural surprise, dedicating its first launch of the decade to the cities that fuel dreams and inspirations. From Paris to the Far East, the Trésors d’Ailleurs collection reimagines, highlights, and transports its wearer to its namesake destinations, with a very special one for the region: Shéhérazade. A colossal ring is available in two iterations of green malachite and lapis lazuli, both sealed with a faceted cupola surrounded by a mosaic of glittering stars. Much more than ‘just’ high jewelry, this is architectural nostalgia you’ll want to own and cherish forever.




#BeYourself, #BeAudacious, #BeAuthentic – these hashtags, which resonate perfectly with Valerie Messika’s modus operandi, now take on new meanings with the launch of the Lucky Move collection. Hot on the heels of the feted Move range, the House’s signature travelling diamonds are brought back, dangling from dazzling pendants, with an updated palette in vibrant contrast
to its monographic debut. Splashed with a flash of colors for
the very first time in the history of the label, the luck-bearing talismans are proposed in nine variations: onyx, lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise, carnelian, ziricote, and pink, white, and
grey mother of pearl. With a mantra and a mission behind each hue, Valerie Messika is launching a colorful repertoire made to empower and celebrate – jewels to be worn with flair.





When Victoire De Castellane creates, it’s never meant to be classic. As l’enfant terrible of French jewelry, Dior Joaillerie’s Creative Director bends the established traditions to modernize even the most common bauble. Her latest mark? The ‘Toi et moi’, a design dating back to the Belle Époque era, and a symbol of unconditional love, with its two stones sitting side by side that here gets a bold, fresh, and loud re-interpretation. Combining precious and semi-precious stones, the audacious collection transcends codes and presents sci-fi’ed jewels with irregular colors, proportions, and shapes. Comprising 39 pieces, from bangles and necklaces to earrings and the famous rings, all sport the most decadent hues, forming one entrancing assemblage. The cherry on top: De Castellane’s favorite stone, the opal, showcased in its glittering splendor atop an equally resplendent necklace.





Since its very first inception in the Cartier universe with ‘Dame à la Panthère’, via a delicate brooch crafted for Wallis Simpson, then Duchess Of Windsor, French jeweler Cartier has never ceased to reinvent its trademark feline friend. This decade, the House has tapped four iconic women to embody the spirit of the wild animal. Bold, strong, independent, and exuding power, Ella Balinska, Yasmine Sabri, Annabelle Wallis, and Mariacarla Boscono are the ambassadors of the Wild Panthère figurative collection. Unveiled earlier this year, the film campaign presents the four ladies as members of a new Cartier tribe, reflecting the collection’s sassy and fearless spirit. With an offering spanning earrings, rings, bangles, and panther-bearing watches, it’s a roaring statement of wild femininity.