Conversation starters from across the globe

The latest launches, landings and lyrical genius collabs from our favourite luxury legends…and all just in time for Christmas.




Tiffany is not just a cool address for early morning window-shopping and a croissant. This Christmas, the American giant has concocted a series of incredible holiday presents to gift yourself and gift away. From a custom-made Tiffany blue motorcycle to an actual Aga cooker and exquisite jewels (including pieces from mainstay collections such as the annual Blue Box High Jewelry range), there’s loads and there’s shiny and we have favorites. First on our list: the Save the Wild collection’s three-dimensional brooches, pendants, and desk accessories. Since 2007, the American giant has been striving to protect endangered wildlife across the world, with all of the line’s proceeds going to the Wildlife Conservation Network. Elephants, rhinos and lions come as an eclectic squadron, some encrusted with diamonds. Next? A delightful heart-shaped brooch from the 2019 Blue Box collection. Which one will you pick? Us, we’ll have both of them. Happiness is the same price as blue boxes.





If I scream ‘red bottoms’, you say? Christian Louboutin, of course. And fans of his bloody shoes rejoice – the French shoemaker’s Mall of the Emirates boutique re-opened earlier this year, revealing an interior where red is not just a color but the establishment. First there’s the House’s signature scalloped tiles, a nod to Louboutin’s first ever boutique; then there’s the iconic red carpet – yards and yards of crimson velvet, both welcoming and intimidating in its splendor; and then there’s the multiple shades of pink, the palms, the peacocks, the blue ceiling, and the luxurious furniture that make the store a haven of Parisian flair. Where we at? Chez Louboutin. Find us there.






For most, the number four symbolizes stability, security, and luck. French jeweler Boucheron found yet another way to celebrate the number. Launched in 2004, the Quatre collection is now the heartbeat of the Parisian Maison. Comprising four bands, each can be worn individually or stacked, bonding together to make an elegant collage, an entrancing assemblage of exquisite jewels that in some instances scream red. Unisex, the Quatre Red edition, highlights the architectural codes of the brand, allying the Grosgrain line of Diamonds, Double Godron and Clou de Paris designs with a new openwork version for the latter. Graphic, the ring plays with contrasts, light, and brings the red hue to new heights, revealing its owner’s personality. Customizable to our every mood, the Quatre has no rules, so add the bright red jewel tone of the rubies, and you’re set.






Fendi prints on, that means we’ve been stormed! (We’ll cut the Chun-Li puns here, promise.) If you’ve been living on the same planet as us this past year, there’s no way you’ve missed a glimpse of Fendi’s latest campaign featuring the one and only Nicki Minaj. Photographed by Steven Klein, the collection is a flamboyant illustration of both the rapper and the Italian House’s creative director, Silvia Venturini Fendi’s spirit for the season. Catering to both men and women – with blue hues, loud and proud metallic prints, and neon pink taking center stage, all stamped with the FF logo – Barbie from outer-space meets her stylish Ken and it’s as daring as expected. It’s not red, it’s pink, but it’s Fendi and it makes us “want to keep dialing Nicki like a Prince song.” (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)





It is common knowledge that Empress Josephine was a nature lover and a keen botanist. As the main muse of French jeweler Chaumet, it was only fair that the brand would choose to honor nature, and its most delightful miniature members, in a very special collection. Garden of Earthly Delights is a poetic ode to symbolic flora and fauna, from brooches that flourish into delicate earrings, to charmful necklaces and sumptuous cocktail rings. Inspired by Napoleon’s imperial emblem, the bee, Chaumet also proposes its own interpretation of the beehive’s honeycomb in stackable precious yellow, pink and white gold bracelets and engagement rings. These naturalistic jewels are the buzzworthy pieces we were expecting.






Sole DXB, and its ever-growing, frenzied crowd of enthusiastic sneakerheads is back this fall, at its Dubai Design District quarters for an epic three-day event starting 5 December. This year, Jamaica will be at the center of the celebrations, starting off with a line-up of artists to level-up the Dubai heat. Aside from the exciting mini-concerts and industry talks, the streetwear festival also hosts a roster of very cool pop-ups, from sportswear brands to the most exclusive luxury Houses. On our radar this year, and for the first time at Sole DXB, Burberry is flying to the sand pit, and has announced an exciting installation with some exclusive gear crafted for the event. Get your best fit, polish that flex, and hit the (sandy) streets.






Did Givenchy get our red memo already? The 67-year-old powerhouse has decided to dedicate its end-of-year collection to the most fearless color of them all – red. Sourcing from the illustrious brand’s history, Nicolas Degennes, Givenchy’s Makeup and Color Artistic Director, merged elegance and audacity for a holiday collection that pushes boundaries and invites us to be as bold and strong as we’ve never been. The ‘Red Line’ is the line that’ll conjure up courage, passion, and confidence with very little help (you’re already the perfect person). From the Red Lights palette and its glittery case in sparkling red – which nestles the 4Gs in bright jewel tones for eyes and complexion – all the way through to the cult Prisme Libre powder and the Rouge Interdit lipstick, made with rare black rose oil for weather-proof lips (winter is no playmate to our pouts), maximum radiance is one puff away. Time to shine and feel like your best self.






Do you already follow B., the influencing bee (bee_nfluencer)? If not, that’s it, we’re done. B. is the new Instagram star with a buzzing account dedicated to raising awareness for bees’ preservation. Her approach is simple: B. takes selfies of her #OOTD and her daily outings and posts them for us to like. The more followers she gets, the more she’ll be able to get access to brand partnerships, and she’s vowed to donate all of her earnings to the Bee Fund, which supports pollinator conservation projects. Yes, she is in it for the money. But bees are dangerously disappearing and a third of all our food production depends on the pollination process. A tap is a small price to pay, and this honey is in need of help.





Jonathan Anderson is the Northern Irish designer who’s sending Spanish House Loewe to cult-worthy heights. While summer saw LL-stamped basket bags soar, winter has nothing to be bashful about. The leatherwear brand’s 170 years of local craftsmanship has proven once again that whatever everyone else is doing, Jonathan and his expert craftspeople can do better. This season, our most prized possession will no doubt be this bunny charm with its playful pom-pom tail and dotted eyes. It’s the cute accessory that doubles up as a coin purse we’ll keep lovingly by our side for coffee runs, nights out, and extended deadline weekends. Available in an array of different colors, including a vibrant scarlet red, our favorite bun-bun has a little brother that comes in a delightful white puff of fluff. Petit Papa Noêl, don’t make us choose.






Spotted on 7 October: Willow Smith serenading the commuters of London’s central line, A.K.A. the red line, clad in head-to-toe Prada’s Linea Rossa Fall/Winter 2019 (the same pink look that’s still waiting for that bonus money to get copped). When some book incredible venues with out-of-this-world catering, Mrs P. sees opportunity (and new customers) exactly where they are – in the subway. Willow’s raw live performance marks the launch of the Italian House’s Linea Rossa range, a line of urban, modern, and innovative garments designed for a metropolitan lifestyle. Engineered with forward-thinking fabrics, the collection introduces water-repellent microfiber, a reactive material to help regulate body temperature; hypoallergenic knitwear that wicks moisture and minimizes body odor; and sustainable jersey, created with polyester fibers recycled from plastic bottles recovered from sea and land-fill. All this and it looks absolutely fab. We’re hooked.






Who’s heading to Paris for the holidays and can snatch us some YSL-stamped condoms from the Saint Laurent Rive Droite concept store? We need to add them to our collection, k? Thanks. And while you’re shopping in that fabulously curated conceptual retail space made of cold concrete and white marble, our issue’s preferred hue, a deep red, sets the tone and continues to thrive with iconic proposals from a red-filtered Kate Moss-printed silk scarf, to pet accessories, grocery items, tiny and cute tech gadgets and an ice-cube mold tray. Continuing to delight us with the most surprisingly needed goodies this season, Anthony Vaccarello’s selection is dark, chic, and emanating that effortless French attitude (each object and collaborative drop is carefully hand-picked by him). It’s a Saint Laurent merch paradise.